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The student becomes the teacher

The last topic on the agenda is lessons. I now offer individual and small group private music lessons in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area. This is a touchy subject for me considering I only formally took private lessons one time when I was preparing a trumpet solo for a regional competition when I …

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Audio Skills

As I mentioned, I also offer audio engineering services. This will consist of, but not be necessarily limited to: recording (tracking) you or your band, movie project, field recording etc., editing and mixing of said recording; if you’ve recorded something yourself and it has hiss or buzzing or needs editing, or needs to be louder, …

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I come bearing gifts

Now, the good stuff… This is how this blog thing will tentatively work: every week or so I will post a piece of original royalty free music for download under Creative Commons License. Whether it be a beat, a little background music, a hard rock song, whatever I am inspired to make in that moment …

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