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Here it is! The long overdue second instrument instruction book “Beginning Drums” Lessons and Theory by Mark Mayer. This book contains 6 hands-on drum lessons that will teach you not only how to play percussion and the drumset, but also how to read and understand music. From the absolute beginner with no previous music experience to the self-taught musician wanting to understand theory, this book is for you. The books 16 concise pages will have you excited for each new lesson and your progress will be obvious. A practice checklist is provided to check your progress as you advance so you can assess your own skill level. This ebook is available on and other major distributors now and is instantly downloadable for most eReader devices. Kindle users must purchase the book through, iBooks users must download through iTunes, and NOOK users must purchase through Barnes and Noble. The first lesson is still free and available HERE to try before you buy. Thank you for continued support and enjoy playing the drums! See ya soon!