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I come bearing gifts

Now, the good stuff… This is how this blog thing will tentatively work: every week or so I will post a piece of original royalty free music for download under Creative Commons License. Whether it be a beat, a little background music, a hard rock song, whatever I am inspired to make in that moment will be released as an .mp3 out into the universe for all to use freely and openly. You are allowed to use the royalty free music for video projects, podcasts, tv/ radio etc. to your hearts content, just as long as Mark Mayer Music is credited properly in your work (read the legal stuff on CCL). Eventually all of the music will be downloadable (.wav, .midi) files where you can purchase and edit the tracks yourself and not have to credit Mark Mayer Music. I should add that I am a fan of unpredictability, so not every blog post is going to be a piece of music. It may be my take on some theory things I’ve been mulling over in my head like using modal scales within the context of a key center, or how to find inspiration for song ideas, or a home recording tip of the day, whatever… anything kinda goes until I get the feel for what the people (you) want. Now. Read the next post on audio engineering and mixing services.

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