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My name is Mark Mayer, I am a musician, composer, and audio engineer in Vancouver, WA. I specialize in writing original music compositions in many different styles. I play multiple instruments and consider myself to be a “hybrid” type musician, meaning that I have been self-taught on some instruments and formally trained on other instruments.  I teach private lessons for some of the instruments that I play.  Because music is such a vast art form,  I have devised an approach to learning music I call “whatever works for you” where I combine both styles of learning (“feel” aka self-taught, and “theory” aka formal training) to understand music in the unique way that works best for you. I believe this approach gives students the best possible foundation to have a lasting relationship with music. I have been mixing, engineering, and producing music since 2002. I have over 15 years of education in performance, theory, composition, engineering and have a deep passion to create high quality music for every project, musician, or song that I contribute to. Please feel free to Contact Me for original music compositions for your projects, audio services (mixing, recording, audio editing etc.) and lessons for beginning to advanced ukulele, guitar, trumpet, piano/ keyboard, percussion, home recording, and music theory.